1116: Alas….Homo Papyrus

Things have been busy, lots happening in the real world so it is sometimes nice to get lost in a fold or two:

This lovely fully 3D skull, designed by Naito Yukata and wrangled from a 3:1 rectangle has been quite a journey.

The pre-creasing was fiddly but laid in landmarks that then aided the staged collapse. I found it easier to collapse parts of the model separately, then open the sheet back out to do the next section, laying in the final resting creases as I went – this meant that the “all at once collapse of the top part of the skull was easier.

The teeth introduced a lovely layered pleat structure I had not seen before and the overall shaping is a bit of an art I think.

I _want_ to say that there are good locks and it all holds itself together – and maybe that would be true if you folded it from foil paper (or perhaps wet-folded it with heavier paper – must try that actually), but I found it necessary to close seams with some tiny glue spots.

The proportions of this model feel right, it has a lovely solid feel and, if I had been organised earlier _would_ have made a good Halloween fold (not that Australians really celebrate Halloween).

It was an interesting exercise in “gently gently”, and I think I now have a new favourite origami skull. I have named him “Homo Papyrus” because I am sure there is a missing link between us and our more flammable paper-based ancestors.

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