152: A Magic White Rabbit

I like this model – a rabbit sitting atop a dice (white spots on the white die – totally Zen)

Made with a 2×1 rectangle, containing a waterbomb and crafting the rabbit from what was left is neat

I like the ears, nose and posture of the rabbit, and the fact that the waterbomb base is neat (oft times I make them lop-sided) and am happy with this “white rabbits” for the first day of the month

Folded from my oldest Origami book “Secrets of Origami” by Robert Harbin, the model is actually designed by Fred Rhom.

3 thoughts on “152: A Magic White Rabbit

  1. This has been one of my all-time favorite folds ever since I learned it more than 30 years ago!
    I’ve found that crimping the body ever so slightly, as in the original diagrams, is worth the effort for the final effect.

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