1084: Square Spaceness

I have a huge pile of “must get around to folding this” models and “Square Spaceness” designed by Alessandra Lamio is one of this legion:

1084: Square Spaceness - plan view

Take a square, divide it into a 16×16 grid, lay in strategic mountain and valleys and you get this almost Escher-like tessellation molecule (meaning you _could_ put multiples of these if you had a more expansive grid with some tweaks and a bit of smush).

Charged with the confidence Advent of Tess gave me, I knew it was time to give this a whirl. There are many long slight diagonal valleys that make up the bulk of the geometry for the inward sloping spirals, and the corner widget is ingenious as a lock, and adjusting the outside pleats lets it sit flat – love it.

1084: Square Spaceness - diamond view

I originally folded it from a lime green A3-cut square, but decided to use the remnants of a copper acrylic paint to dress it up a little, but it is hard not to be drawn in by the geometry of this piece, a lovely illusion.

1084: Square Spaceness - iso view

I may fold this again, avoiding all but the active creases, and slightly thicker paper will help keep the lines and obtuse surfaces straight, but I love my first fold of this model – it would look good in a frame I think.

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