162: A Train and Carriages

wow, no I mean WOW! I saw this box-pleating exercise and initially put it in the “yeah, prolly not” pile, but dug it out after I found a roll of nice butcher’s paper and wondered how it would fold:

Train carriages, engine complete with smokestack and lovely billow of smoke – far my favourite vehicle to date

An exercise in eighths with a 10×1 rectangle, each square initially divided in 8 horizontally and vertically, then collapse, pleat and crimp from there. The paper was 1m long and 10cm wide, meaning the smallest crimps were 5mm, making it lucky I have a bone folder really as my fat fingers were hopelessly inadequate.

I really like this one, proportions and technique. I added a “crumple” to the smoke – I think it works well. Must investigate crumpling (a real origami movement, some lovely stuff there also).

You too can have a go: train

Should I decide fold it again I would go longer – add another carriage and a caboose at the end. Quite chuffed with it, although it was not really that complicated, just a bit of planning prior to folding. You may applaud politely now, thank you.

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    1. there is a link in the post with the only instructions I could fine – most online translators can help with the words but the diagrams are pretty clear

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