Barnaby Blockhead

Everyone called Charlie Brown “Blockhead”, a past Deputy Prime Minister continually is caught acting like one, so I began wondering what that would might like:

I had recently folded Boice Wong‘s astonishing pair of figures called “Emptyhead” (I named them Dumb and Dumber), so started there, and re-familiarised myself with the crease pattern, devising a smoother collapse (as I adopted the much criticised method of “parachuting” the last time).

I briefly toyed with the idea of posing him like Neo during Matrix’s groundbreaking “bullet time” scene, but decided to go simpler because he would be a … simple … soul.

The tricky bit was to use minimal paper for a neck, leaving enough of a pleat tube to sculpt a 2×2 solid cube, and explored that geometry a bit before settling on a scheme.

The model is sort of a re-fold, as most of the model is Emptyhead, so this post does not get it’s own post number, but I like the result a whole lot.

4 thoughts on “Barnaby Blockhead

  1. Is it possible to modify the box into a head of a person wearing a hat (or even without hat) ? That would be really cool

    1. Without doubt, the CP gives you heaps of paper to model whatever you want on the shoulders. I like the blockhead aesthetic but you could interpret the design any way you want

      1. That’s cool I always wanted a figure in trenchcoat which I can modify into characters like postal dude or caleb

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