184: An Alpaca

I thought I would try something simpler, so found what looked like a mostly harmless little Llama model designed by Jim Adams:

On paper, this model was straight forward Рin practice however the thickness of layers at the tail end made this model impossible to fold using copy paper (I tried, breaking one of my own rules, it exploded Рwell, split and the tail broke off, so I started again) so I used a square of tissue foil Рeven then the tail was too thick to be elegant, pity Рthe diagram makes it look crisp and slender. I guess if one used large format foil it might be easier Рnot sure the overall model proportions warrant that treatment however.

Some interesting applications of sink, crimp and double-rabbit ears – it suggested double rabbit-earing the rear legs – already needle thin, I merely reverse folded them and think that is a better result. Pity they are so thick else I would have added hooves also.

Although it is diagrammed as a Llama, I think it is more like an Alpaca (mostly because I wanted to use “an” in the title and “An Llama” does not seem right – yeah, I know, tissue thin reasoning there but you get that)

3 thoughts on “184: An Alpaca

  1. Nice looking model. Shape the body a bit to give it some volume and the tail will look better. I’m trying to train myself not to always want to squash things crisp and flat….

    Also, having spent last week at an alpaca farm, which was also hosting 2 llamas, this is definitely more llama looking. The curly tail, the upright ears and the strength of the forequarters look much more a llama to me. Also, the bold, upright posture, alpacas are rather more timid in my experience, but the llamas I met at the farm were proud, bold, and aggressive.

    1. not mine – following diagrams that do not hint at paper thickness until it is too late

      yeah, fiddling with the body helps a little but I am not entirely convinced the hind-quarters were a good formation to start with

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