299: Platypus

It is a little known fact that Australians MADE UP the Platypus to see who would be silly enought to believe in it:

Let’s face it – an aquatic, furry mammal that feeds it’s young milk in a pouch, after they hatch from eggs; duck-bill, webbed feet, beaver tail, “see” via electrical sonar through their nose; male with poisonous spines – LOL. No one would be sill enough to believe in that illogical Frankenstein-like collection of bits of other critters, surely.

I have only ever had second, or third-hand experience of a Platypus – NEVER seen one live so I have to rely on others’ account of them.

A relatively simple figurative fold – they cannot all be huge, quite happy with this – I can see large modelability in this figure. Could not work out who designed it, sorry – anyone advise?

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