Market Forces

…so here’s what I am thinking, right.

I have all these models – HUNDREDS of them, and rather than burn them (as my psychologist recommends) or let them gather dust at my place or throw them away I thought I would sell them for charity.

Some models are extremely beautiful, some complex and interesting, others classically simple and elegant but I have very little space to keep them so I thought that sharing the love was a good plan. There are some models I cannot bear to part with, sorry. This is NOT a commercial sale, as I am not the copyright owner of most of the models, this is a CHARITY ACTION.

Charities that will benefit directly are Australian Red Cross (particularly for their foreign aid programs) and Medicine san Frontiers – sharing the love is important, right? ALL proceeds will be channelled to these aid agencies, the joy I have had in this project is folding the models in the first place – enough wonder and awe wonder for one person.


Stay tuned, details on what you can do to OWN a unique bit of my 365 Project and more importantly support these great causes will be released here.

BROWSE the model list ( and check out what they look like in the DeviantArt Gallery ( ) and when the time comes GET IN EARLY to avoid disappointment.

Naturally I will also take orders/requests(for re-folds with the same direction of monies – these aid organisations deserve our support – you get something beautiful and do something beautiful as well – WIN WIN.

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