391: Pierre Mâché en Francais

….Puis je vous présenter Monsier Pierre Mâché, my first internationally folded gnome:

You see, we are currently in Paris, on a vacation that has been in the planning stages for years, and we had an astonishing meal at a local restaurant Les Enfants Perdus, and I noticed they topped their tables with a square of sueded cream colored paper.

In my best French, I asked pour Le paper sur la table and they gave me a fresh one to fold. The paper was stiff but really strong, so I was able to model this guy a lot more than I usually can, or maybe I am just getting better.

I like how his posture worked out, he definitely looks French and is gesturing as if to express exasperation that he cannot understand us odd Australians, we get that a lot.

We will leave him as a gift to our hosts here in Paris, the apartment we have rented from them is wonderful, very well appointed, comfortable and essential to us keeping going each busy day.

Au revoir Paris, our first visit has been magical


2 thoughts on “391: Pierre Mâché en Francais

  1. Awsome! he does indeed have that gallic look 🙂
    The neatness of a buttoned coat is the french eye for fashion in the world of gnomes….
    May your fingers never lose this skill.

  2. I’m happy to say that Pierre is settling into his new home well, and has even made some new friends!

    Not sure how well they’re getting on, but I’m guessing that with a mix of sign language and body language, they’ll understand each other just fine 🙂

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