The link between a boy and his pet is a special one, even if the pet is a hermit crab named “Smee”

When I heard Sam had suffered the loss of Smee I remembered the pets I had also said goodbye to, tough gig indeed.

I remembered I had folded, as part of the 365 project, a hermit crab – never quite mastering the fold so was determined to re-attempt it (with a few more years skill under my belt)

The result is a gift, I hope it reminds Sam of Smee in a good way.

Made from a deep olive sheet of Tant (a little too thick for the job), the end result is rigid, posable, fairly crabby and has a nice shell with a spiral on it. I had forgotten the hideous “unfold half of it and turn it inside out” step, and the approximate landmarks necessary to tease the extra legs from the edge of the sheet that leads to the shell lip. Quite happy with the result none the less.

7 thoughts on “Smee

  1. Question: Am an older folder…not sure if you can answer a question for me or not. Am working on Brian Chan’s Hermit crab #4…any idea as how to fold the shell?
    If not able to answer, that’s fine. I only check my e mail every so often.
    thank you for reading.

    1. I have not tried the model – there are a few versions of it and in some the shell is amazing – did you find instructions or just a crease pattern?

  2. Thank you for the quick response! I only have the crease pattern…no instructions are available that I can find. I have wrangled the model base to form a bird base in the ‘blank’ area of the crease pattern and have tried to apply Tomoko Fuse’s shell from ‘Let’s Fold Spirals’ book pages 46 and 47.
    Anyroad, should you ever have a thought on this down the road, please drop me a line.
    Again, thanks for the reply.

  3. Excellent that you are willing to give it a try. I must admit it is Brian Chan’s Hermit #1 crease pattern not #4 ( it’s the one with the blank area in the corner). The #4 crab seems similar…but still has it’s own quirks. I’m also wrangling on that one as well Hopefully one of the web addresses below will work so you can get the crease pattern to try. – or –

    If neither of these addresses work, I usually Google : ‘ Brian’s Origami Page -MIT’
    Thanks again for trying

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