467: Weave

Early morning catching up on Facebook, I saw a friend had posted a link to a Youtube clip of a woven ring:

I took 8 11cm squares (left-overs from the torus project) and split them into quarter strips (making a total of 32 strips of paper), then folded each strip in half longways then in half shortways – nice easy folding.

Then you take the papers and interlock them, when you get past 3 you can start tucking ends away inside the previous strips to form a lovely tidy zig zag of triangles. 

I chose 4 colours and just kept to a simple colour schedule and before long had run out of paper. Joining the two ends was easy – the method is repetitive so it is just a matter of working the free ends into the existing pattern.

The result is lovely, was simple and I can see LOTS of uses for such a sturdy (it structurally is really strong) ring. I might experiment with longer strips to see if the band is widenable. I am sure I have seen something similar done with flax or palm fronds whilst green – it has a basket weave feel.

I must, however, get to folding a horse…

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