476: Shiny

In desperate need of some occupational therapy after a punishing term, I looked for a “no brainer” fold to calm my racing brain – instead I found this:

The CLO Kusudama, designed by Isa Klein was beautifully demonstrated in a video by Jo Nakashima, and I decided to give it a go.

I had a stack of silver/white squares, so quartered them and began folding between meetings and in spare time (yes, I know, at work … so sue me).

Each module (it needs 32) is easy if a little time consuming to fold, and nicely shows front and back of the paper (this model is best folded with duo paper).

A good locking mechanism, clusters of 3 make a corner, corners cluster in 5s to make pentagonal faces and in no time you end up with a lovely spheroid shiny thing of intricate beauty.

I know I have been busy, and it is easy to become so self-absorbed that you do not notice people around you being busy also. Although this is a star, I decided that it might be a nice gift for a true STAR who consistently and selflessly works harder than most of us can imagine to make our lives at the asylum easier – Love your work Kathy, may this star reflect some of your brilliance.

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