475: Timber Wolf

Leafing through “Origami Sequence” by Quentin Trollip, I am struck by the quality and quantity of amazing designs packed into that book, and the range of skills his models brings to the table.

There is this house, at work, that has a Timber Wolf as their house mascot, so I have been on the look out for one to fold (I assumed someone would ask me to have a go, that never really happened, so I did it anyway).

This wolf is clearly howling, there is much movement and drama inherent in the pose, and I placed a “moon” within howling distance in some shots because it seemed to need it.

This model eats paper – a huge sheet results in a dense set of layers and a relatively tiny model, packed with details. I like the paws, and the fact they have the right number of toes and vicious looking claws. the haunch and back are great, lovely playful tail and the head with all it’s detail.

Quite happy with this model, and amused that no one guessed it in the Facebook WTF (What’s That Fold?)#22 competition.

Mr Trollip’s design is doubly great because you need to own the book to fold it – a huge chunk of the model is folded from instructions elsewhere in the book – nice work indeed.

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