492: Money Spider

People keep giving me foreign and local paper currency. A work colleague gave me a pair of battered US1 dollar notes and asked if I could do anything with them. I had heard (old wives tale perhaps) that it was unlucky to kill a money spider. These little critters apparently bring financial good luck.492MoneySpiderScale

I figured MAKING a money spider should be lucky, so set about to find one. Won Park, in his book “Extreme Origami” has a rather lovely spider fold that requires 2xUSD$1 notes, so I thought I would give it a try.492MoneySpiderViews

Each note makes 2 pairs of legs, you lock them together to make the full 8 legs in a series of ingenious twists and tucks.492MoneySpiderDev

At this scale, the spider is quite real, and a little bit creepy, ingenious nonetheless.492MoneySpider

Tweezers and fingernails, terrifyingly accurate careful folding is necessary to tease out the details – it has lovely spidery legs (8 of them), a snarly pair of fangs, plump body and abdomen and even a pair of spinarettes on the tail – amazing. I feel quite privileged to fold it

Hope you like it Glenn.


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