500: Jackass

To celebrate the 500th unique fold documented on this blog, I thought I would hold a guessing game whilst trying a fold I have been considering for a while.500JackAss

This is “Horse Laugh” by Kunsulu Jilkishiyeva from Nicholas Terry’s “Drawing Origami Tome 1” – a fun fold that sees some amazing box pleating and layer management to make a really detailed head (with lips, teeth, eyes, the works), tail, rather lovely mane and some funky legs.500JackAssLaugh

I never really managed to tease the “he haw” expression on the face – the layers were too dense and small for my fat clumsy fingers, but the sense of the jackass is here.500JackAssView

This was WTF500 – amazingly no one guessed it, although some tried.


Can you guess what it will be? We start with a 24×24 grid, and some 48ths chucked in one end, and some funky diagonals to assist the first collapse, but go freestyle from there on.500wtf02

After the first collapse, we have a compound point, a couple of pleated stickey-outey things and a bunch of paper to hide creatively.


After some creative in-out sinking and layer management we have the compound point ready for shaping500wtf04

Next we bring the bundles of pleats up, organising gussets and layers as we go

500wtf05Until we have two long stickey-outey things that can be worked on later


After some working and re-working of the pleats at the other end we manage to extract two more stickey-outey things, before further shaping.

Two final clues:500wtf07


Many people think these are hard, but once you get it, the fold in development becomes staggeringly obvious, so get your thinking caps on and suggest what you think it is in the comments.

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