534: Friday

Continuing my exploration of some of Eric Gjerde’s introductory tessellations, I liked the look of a square-twist based weave:534Weave

Sitting on a square grid, off-set squares are added to near diagonals and twist to collapse and lay flat again. The front side then is a jumble of rolling squares but when you flip it over to the waste side a lovely weave pattern has been made as a side effect of the surface twisting.534WeaveDev

I (briefly) toyed with the idea of doing this much smaller, but decided against it because (life is too short). It is one of those “all at once” things that only really behave when all twists are in place which from a portability perspective makes it annoying to carry from place to place when unfinished, but meh.534WeaveBacklit

I can see uses for these tessellations, particular in areas of other models where you want to put in some texture on an otherwise expansively flat surface. I am starting to understand the “molecule” approach and how they can be “grafted” in to existing structures.

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