Sunflowers Revisited

People who know me understand my obsession with folding. It is so easy to turn up my procrastination engine to 11 by asking me about the “possibility” of a commission or fold for a purpose:presented

MJ approached me AGES ago (I have been sitting on this post for 2+ months) and asked if I could fold something to brighten up a wall in Nikki’s workroom. Having just folded some sunflowers I figured they would look nice in a shadowbox frame.framed

Ikea has a wonderful range of really deep frames, suitable for housing bulky origami sculptures so I went with a “Ribba” frame 50x50cm. Some facebook-negotiated choices of layout and wr went with the “bursting out of the frame” layout.

Folding, framing, secret hostage exchanges and a happy couple – noice, unusual, different, I like it.

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