545: Stacked Triangles Tessellation

I spend a lot of time waiting for students to ask for assistance during practical assignment lessons. This  is a good thing – if they do not ask and are skilled enough to work independently then I have done the right thing, so it is all grist for the mill. (When kids need help but do nothing about it is much less good, but again a choice the student makes):545StackedTriangles

This is my first attempt (and probably last) at Eric Gjerde’s “Stacked Triangles” tessellation, based on a triangle grid that had a 6mm spacing.545StackedTrianglesBacklit

The A3 printer paper is robust, easy to work with but the pre-creasing, involving an initial geometric construction was, for me, an important exercise in accuracy and patience, emerging over a period of 2 weeks.545StackedTrianglesDev

The tessellation breaks your brain – no cuts, so much pleat management and layer interplay, it is genius and each time you look at it you see other geometries emerging. Back-lit it is particularly beautiful, with nested stars, hexagons and overlaid triangles.

One thought on “545: Stacked Triangles Tessellation

  1. I’m very glad you enjoyed this, it’s one of my favorites… a relatively simple molecule leads to some complex patterns, in the end.

    I can’t imagine doing it with 6mm wide pleats, though 🙂 that’s just asking for pain!

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