546: Château Chinon Tessellation

Another time sponge, based on a square grid initially that was torturous to fold and pre-crease. Based on Eric Gjerde’s tessellation molecule, it is an amazing use of paper that features largely an “all at once” collapse.546ChateauChinon

Many tessellations sit flat while you do them, their interim stages are still flat – not this mongrel. Once you start, you gotta finish and then work out how to flatten – interesting but not very portable in the end.546ChateauChinonBacklit

Backlit it is lovely – a mixture of octagons and dog-bones. Apparently it is based on the tiled pattern on the floor of the Chateau – cool. A really efficient use of paper, the end result is quite large compared with the starting sheet. Some tessellations eat paper, this less so.546ChateauChinonDev

I am on the look out for other tessellations that use square grids – happy to take suggestions546ChateauChinonFrontBack

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