547: Stellar

As part of the school’s social justice program, I was asked to come up with a fold for a bow tie that I could teach year 7-10 boys and girls from 3 schools on a Friday afternoon:547StellaBellaFella

Based in part on a technique used by many, but first seen in a video, I devices a way of using a square, hiding raw edges and basing most of the folds on halves (figuring boys could actually fold things in half fairly easily).547tie

After some instruction (I used a document camera plugged into my laptop which was projected on a screen), the students soon mastered the technique and were making dozens of them in no time.547ties

The afternoon was part social activity (single-sex schools are odd, getting genders together happens at every opportunity), part raising awareness of what it is like to be a good man/woman (a “stellar” fella or bella), it was fun. Thanks to the Peer Ministry team for being asked (they knew when they mentioned paper folding they already had me hooked).

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      1. Ah, I see. Do you happen to know if daniel is still active right now? I’ve contacted him recently in regards to the ryujin 64 and the 3.5, but he seems to have quit folding.

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