544: ‘Ball

Now apparently, when faces with a wee beastie, you throw a pokeball at it and that, somehow, traps the beastie …inside.. the ball for safe keeping – truly, I cannot make this shit up:544poke

This is Jeremy Shafer’s Pokeball – a genius modular fold using 2 bits of paper that interlock at the hinge, forming a rather lovely clasp at the front.544pokeViews

Yes, it is from the Pokemon universe – deal with it. I cannot help it that the blog is so in touch with the current zeitgeist, or that I am considered more cool merely because I associate myself with objects that even vaguely relate to a beloved franchise.544pokeScale

What is interesting is that this is Washi delux paper, foil-backed lovely stiff paper that keeps it’s shape, making it ideal for such a fold that you need to gently coax into a round. I did modify the fold slightly, closed-sinking a set of flaps to tidy up the outside a little but I understand that technique is not a beginners technique so probably was not considered in the video tutorial.Fun fold – you should try it.

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