561: (11/365) Robert Lang’s Minamimachi Butterfly

I must admit to not having folded many butterflies – not sure why, hopefully this year I will remedy this situation:

This is Robert Lang’s Minamimachi Butterfly – I know it looks simple but there are some wonderfully complex techniques in it’s fabrication.

I have lots of packets of patterned origami paper, most of it too small for any complex work so I think I will use it for butterflies – we shall see how this idea works.

Most of the detail and work for this butterfly is underneath, and while simplistic in form (no legs, antennae or even distinct head) it has a charm and an unusual shape that appealed.

2 thoughts on “561: (11/365) Robert Lang’s Minamimachi Butterfly

  1. I would highly recommend Michael LaFosse’s Origami Butterflies book. Fabulous variety of elegant folds. I got my start in Origami by folding a different butterfly or moth each day. Great for your 365 challenge.

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