“Beyond The Folded Edge” – by Jonathan Baxter

It is rare, in Brisbane, to get to see Origami displayed at all, let alone an exhibition by an accomplished folder such as Jonathan Baxter:

His display at the Richard Randall Art Studio, Mt Coo-tha Botanical gardens was a rare treat.

His folding displays showcased numerous forms of origami including delicate unit work  like intricate spheres and torus from “Phiz” units, garlands of interlocking cubes and many variations.

His tessellation work was wonderful, intricate and colourful – reminding me I must try the “Hydrangea” model.

He also had larger free-form corrugated forms, water bomb tessellated magic balls and ribbed pleat work.

Interestingly the tessellation work was also applied to fabric, making interesting and delicate hanging works that could be used as dividers or curtains.

His character work was also in evidence, with insects and models from folders like Eric Joisel, Robert Lang and others.

It was really interesting to talk to another person who shares passion for the folded form, and a lovely start to the day.

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