684: (134/365) Wise Owl

Cruising Fakebook, as you do, it is often that you stumble across interesting folds (well, in my circle of friends it is):

This is “Owl” by Angel Jacobo Figueroa Arriola. I spotted it as a photodiagram sequence in one of his galleries.

There is much to like about this model, the way the legs/feet emerge from a pair of obtuse spokes is fascinating – I think I did it right, everything was in Spanish but I fairly faithfully followed along.

There are some nice suggestions of movement and detail here. The face is figurative, the wings simple but lovely and the feet wonderful. She perches on her feet, balances nicely on them.

Folded from a 35cm square of hand-made washi (I used blue because I had run out of brown – another trip to Daiso to come), I am very happy with this, my first fold.

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