725: (175/365) 145 Point Sea Urchin

So I ended up scoring an unexpected free afternoon so decided that serious paper torture would be fun:

Gridding then a breathtaking collapse took 4 hours to begin with. I knew I was up for a marathon fold to finish. Annoyingly I did not get this finished before fatigue took me – sometimes you get that.

The collapse followed by a torturous point twist liberates 145 individual points – each of them then need individual thinning (4 edges each…takes ages).

In the end you finish up with a spikey ball that looks a lot like a sea urchin. Folding at this scale was really challenging. It ate up a 55cm square of Kraft paper, resulted in an urchin ball 7cm wide – wow, just wow. 

Paper tension and paper bulk cause the ball to fold on itself, twist and turn and it has a sculptural element to it. I can imagine it folded larger but I doubt I have the patience to re-fold this. The CP alone is enough to scare you off this monster.

I know I am a day late, but, meh.

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