748: (198/365) Brill’s Square Silver Star

Busy times indeed – perfect for folding a 12 piece modular:

Fairly simple modules that sit over one, inside another adjacent module, locking fairly positively into swirls of 4 “petals”, you get a shape that describes a cube when you look just at the points.

This is David Brill’s design, folded from his fantastic book “Brilliant Origami”

Quite happy with this design, but it has scale issues, and colour issues (few multi-colour origami paper packs actually have 12 sheets of the same colour in them)

2 thoughts on “748: (198/365) Brill’s Square Silver Star

    1. Gwen, the locking mechanism is the same all round – every piece locks with 2 others, it is just a matter of being organised and shifting your model so you are viewing the join site the same way each time

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