775 (225/365) Boney McBoneface – New Legs

So today I got up at 3.30am to catch a shuttle bus to the other side of the city at 4.30am so I could register for the charity walk I had agreed to accompany my daughter on:

35kms later, we made it to the finish line and most of my bits currently hate me. I need new legs – sadly Boney M’s legs are a little small but his look a lot more stable than mine are at the moment.

legs and pelvis
Free Standing legs and pelvis

Each leg is a symphony of 5 sheets – 2 birdbase derived interlocking modules for the feet (lovely toes and heel), tibia and fibula bones leading from ankle to a lovely knee and then a graceful femur.

The legs hing off a rather ingenious pelvis assembly making a nice new pair of walkey things that stand on their own. The pelvis has a join point for the spine and rather a cute little coccyx.

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