778: (228/365) Ferris Wheel

In the Brisbane CBD today is a public holiday for the RNA Show:

I stopped going to the show when our kids asked whether we had to go again this year – it is huge, full of people, end of winter and full of flu.


I also had a go at capturing it in 3d, using Fyuse, to give you a sense of the movement.

State “shows” (ours is called “The Ekka”, short for Exhibition) used to be about showing off the bounty from farm, rural and industrial fields. I remember, as a kid, getting “sample bags” given to me, containing samples of products to try. These days you buy plastic bags full of plastic crap and pay for the privilege.

I decided it was appropriate to fold something “showy”, so found a 2 part Ferris wheel so decided to try it (minus the final paper craft step of a cut-out) and it is a lovely spinney thing.

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