112: Bunny Box

Now all responsible adults are prepping the the imminent visit of the Easter Bunny. This little box is perfect for collecting the spoils of an easter egg hunt (so should be made in advance to avoid disappointment):

Clever use of paper, pockets, easy to fold and actually very bunny-like. A square cut from an A4 page makes a box big enough for the largest haul of mini eggs – an A3 square would make slipper-sized boxes (an idea for “fluffy bunny slippers”?).

Designed by Jacky Chan (do not think it is the kung fu chappie tho it would be cool if it was) as my “white rabbits” for this month (given the “rock” displaced it in it’s rightful place.

You should totally fold some of these for kids you know – easy and quick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9zwCP7dg5o

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