787: (237/365) Daffy Down Dilly

Today (August 25) is Daffodil Day, daffodils being the icon associated with cancer awareness and fundraising for an eventual cure. You can get involved, donate or buy badges and sponsored bunches of flowers to show your support:

This seems to be a traditional model (sorry, I have yet to identify the designer) but is related to folds I have been exploring for a week or so based on non-squares.

This is a rather nice twist of a hexagon (although I think it would work better as a pentagon), the frilly throat is a simple sink that has been ruffled.

I fashioned a stalk and leaf to support the bloom and have a couple of them around my staffroom today to brighten the mood.

Daffodils make me sad actually, too many beautiful people I have known have been taken by cancer, anything that can be done to stop that is worth pursuing.


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