928: In Memoriam – Francis Ow

The international origami community recently learned of the death of Frances Ow:

Francis was an active and beloved member of the Singapore Origami group, and sadly I never had the privilege of meeting him in the real world. But, via the magic that is the Internet I have been personally encouraged and supported by him over both of my recent 365 challenges. You can try this Tsuru Wreath for yourself – one of many designs he shared freely.

He freely shared his talent, design and advice. The art is richer for his being, poorer from his loss. His legacy is a treasure trove of precision design studies, definitive versions of heart folds, superlative modular designs and an open willingness to share and support folders world wide.

Rest in peace Francis. You made me a better folder. My thoughts are with your family and friends, I share my condolences via the internet as I am unable to attend your service.

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