932: Clever Girl

In a classic scene from the first Jurassic Park movie, a hunter realises he has just been surrounded by hungry, angry velociraptors, and utters the words “clever girl” before being ripped to shreds:

This delightful mode is really simple to fold, and belongs to that stable of models whose proportions are perfect, detail is sufficient, form is elegant and stable as is – a mark of clever design.

There is lots to love about this little snapper – the head, the placement of the haunches, the gentle curve of the tail – fabulous. 

I folded it from a scrap of elephant hide paper I was about to throw out – it ended up being about the size of a Compsognathus, and it is my favourite model at the moment. You can fold it too, there is a brilliant video tutorial that shows you how on Jo Nakashima’s YouTube channel – check it out.


2 thoughts on “932: Clever Girl

  1. You’re right. This is an elegant model. I’ve seen that video pop up but have not been inspired to fold it (haven’t been in the mood for dinosaurs) until seeing your folding of it. Thanks!

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