997: Western Dragon

Western dragons are an attempt to make sense of a mythical flying beast – the whole wing-thing appears necessary, and the morphology is usually based on a giant lizard:

Redpaper's Western Dragon

This is a test fold of Redpaper’s “Western Dragon”, well my rendering of it at least, from his forthcoming book.

I have taken liberties, having folded it a couple of times to try and work out the most dense parts of the design, and required sheet size.

Redpaper's Western Dragon Views

This version, folded from a 55cm square of duo kraft, is still unmanageably thick in places (the head/neck, belly) and I have re-shaped the wings (oddly, the original design had the shaped flappy things on the TOP edge of the winds instead of the bottom like batwings.

Redpaper's Western Dragon scale

I also pulled the head/neck forwards slightly to get better separation from the body. There are lots of elements to like here, and it is a fun fold, but shaping is really necessary and I have made strides towards that goal.

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