998: Losing Our Shiz

Australia is many things to many people. Currently, in the media, it seems like Australians are being portrayed as panic buying essential items in huge quantities, in preparation of an on-coming pandemic. EDIT – (that is waaay less lethal than normal Flu):

Toilet Paper Origami

The first such item was Toilet paper, with viral (or bacterial) footage of people fighting in the aisles of supermarkets for the last bulk pack.

All I am saying, is give peace (and common sense) a chance, people.

This is Jo Nakashima’s Toilet Paper Crane, a fitting symbol of restraint. I only wasted 3 “poo tickets” (“Kenny” reference) in making it, so do not panic, unless that is something you do to increase likes on Instagram or Tik Tok.. … imagine going down in social media history as a toilet paper “influencer” – bahahahahahaha.

You should consider making this – sit somewhere, calm down, unclench and fold some bog roll for something other than wiping your bum.

2 thoughts on “998: Losing Our Shiz

  1. Wondering if you have had a change of opinion from what you wrote on #998 about covid being way less lethal than the flu. That was written in March 2020. It is now January 2021. How is Australia doing presently?

    1. Margaret,

      Yes, as the virus has ravaged the planet and continues to roll wave upon wave. We here in Australia have been really lucky and spared the huge infection and death tolls parts of Europe and the Americas have seen. We in Brisbane have had relatively little in the way of forced lockdowns as our community transmission has been really low – we have been lucky that our State Governments have reacted quickly and contact traced really thoroughly – not possible other places.

      The original post was not designed to trivialise the virus, just gently poke fun at the silly panic buying we saw here where top of the list was industrial quantities of toilet paper, which I still do not understand.

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