999: COVID-19

The story of the moment is COVID-19, and the unprecedented effects the global pandemic is having on “business as normal” across the world.

Xander Perrott's "Space Virus"

In out little corner of the planet, things continue to be weird. As a teacher, I am still at work, with 1700 boys in a fairly confined space. The current government position is that it is “business as usual” for schools, as we gear up to deliver online learning as part of our “continuity of learning” plan. I want to say I feel good about things, but we all deal with uncertainty our own way.

Xander Perrott's "Space Virus" dev

I saw this model, looking for images of the virus – designed by Xander Perrott, a 30 piece modular kusudama is a suitable #999 for this blog. I found the e-book online and bought it – so many lovely spikey balls to fold … I will return to them. (BUY this here: https://www.xanderperrott.com/book )

30x 1: root(3) rectangles, a fairly simple module and a tricksey but positive locking mechanism, red and natural duo kraft combine to a lovely (and deadly looking) ball unlike anything I have seen before. I chose red+natural because it looks like the pictures of the virus I have seen, “corona” is spanish for “crown”.

Xander Perrott's "Space Virus" scale

Folded over a couple of nervy days this weekend, folding keeps me calm and lets me get lost in things, a good mindfulness activity indeed.

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