1032: Endless Garden

Cruising Fakebook, as one does, I came across a fascinating origami geometric mindf*ck:

Edu Solano Lumreras' "Endless Garden"

Edu Solano Lumbreras kindly shared instructions for his design, having adapted the techniques used in Thoki Yenn’s “Umulus Rectangulum” corners, to make this tesseract like cubic möbius strip.

Comprised of 6 modules, with some exacting pre-creasing that lends itself to template work, you fold bent square tubes with 3 corners – the shortest corner makes the “tab”, the opposite end becomes the “pocket”.

A4 rendering

Folding in a4, the geometry is just as elegant, if exacting.

Edu Solano Lumreras' "Endless Garden"  development

You make it in 2 mirrored halves, then join to make something that does your head in the more you look at it.

Edu Solano Lumreras' "Endless Garden" scale

I love this, a lot. Folded from A3 sheets (and possible from A4 also I suspect (must try), based on long 16ths initially, there is a complex geometric construction sequence necessary to determine the landmarks of the corners, then some simple box pleating to have the paper in each corner eat itself tidily.

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