1049: Kusudama Dodecaedro

A few years back, I was gifted a portfolio of amazing vintage paisley paper by the Albions. I have held back folding it until I found something that would do it justice:

Kusudama Dodecaedro

I pulled a sheet (there are over a dozen different paisleys in the folio), it opened up into a large sheet that I derived a way of dividing it into 30 equal squares – the basis on this kusudama.

This is a stellated dodecahedron, with lovely ridges, pentagonal faces and a wonderfully tactile design. 30 modules, based on 60 degree division, wonderfully deep pockets and positive lock, initially it is easy to put together.
You can have a go yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzeQBFay8NY

Kusudama Dodecaedro Development

The last few units are really tough to get them to completely sit where they should – I found I needed tweezers reaching inside and out to east the last 3 units that close the sphere.

Kusudama Dodecaedro Scale

I love this – the paper highlights the geometry and I think it is a perfect fit. I continue looking for applications of paisley – a lovely call back to the 60s.

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