891: (341/365) Drop Box

Apparently there is a lolly in Holland called “Drop” – it is most likely a salted licorice, must look that up. This box is designed to gift “drop” to friends:

When I first saw the model I was sure it was a bomb … I mean, look at it! Continue reading

875: (325/365) Cat in Box

It is a well known fact, in households that own a cat, that when there is a box, your cat will, at some time, be in that box:

It has taken me a while to get around to perfecting this fold – it is designed for a larger sheet but I managed to achieve it on a 17.5cm square. Continue reading

873: (323/365) Elephant Trophies

When an orange clown decides that rich stupid people should be allowed to hunt wild animals for fun, hack bits of them off and use them as trophies it makes me cross:

When that same “ass hat” orange clown then tweets that he might change an existing law to allow this banned activity to happen again (presumably so his stupid rich family can go shoot things again) it SHOULD make the world furious. When will ENOUGH BE ENOUGH? Continue reading

809: (259/365) Un Tergo Del Cubo

I am constantly amazed by the variety of techniques on display in Jun Maekawa’s designs, and this cube is no different:

Based, in principle at least, on an acute windmill base, folded asymmetrically, it locks into a geometry that confuses the eye. Continue reading

760: (210/365) Akiko Yamanashi’s Scallop Box

To celebrate the 201st fold in this challenge, I was looking for a shellfish-based fold – not sure why but there you go:

Leafing through a Tanteidan Convention book, I came across a “Scallop Box” design designed by Akiko Yamanashi. Continue reading

604: (54/365) Heart-Shaped Box

Any self-respecting Nirvana fan is familiar with the song “Heart Shaped Box”:

I was listening to some vintage Nirvana on Spotify and that simple song inspired this simple box. Continue reading

589: (39/360) Box with Hinged Lid

I seem to have an endless fascination with clever origami boxes – this one caught my eye and I knew I needed to try and fold it:

Anna Kastlunger has designed a nifty scalable box with an integrated hinged lid that is delightful and possibly useful for precious things. Continue reading