815: (265/365) Pez 3

Browsing through Eduardo Clemente’s “Papiroflexia”, I am amazed at how prolific a designer he was, and how many variations on models he published:

This is Pez#3 – a rather handsome fish with lovely colour changes. Continue reading

812: (262/365) Tiny T-Rex

This rather adorable tiny dino is designed cleverly by Eduardo Clemente:

I am so impressed with the body morphology of this model, position and proportion of limbs seems really well considered. Continue reading

811: (261/365) Stink Bug

My citrus trees have a problem that starts about now in the season:

Infestations of stinkbugs arrive and soon they are thick with debilitating sucking insects. It would not be so bad but I seem allergic to their secretions, making getting rid of them difficult.

I have tried garlic, chilli spray, soapy water, using an old vacuum cleaner to suck them off but to no avail. Poisons are not something I want to use but seem to have no choice. Continue reading

810: (260/365) Pez

In catch-up mode, this is Eduardo Clement’s “Pez”:

A delightful fish fold that is designed for paper that is the same colour both sides. A charming fold from his book Papiroflexia.

relevant because we recently spent time on the waters of Hervey Bay (yes, we did see whales, but yeah)

694: (144/365) Hump Day

So it is Wednesday, ‘Hump Day‘:

Silly season in the assessment calendar, lots happening and a 2do list from hell.

This is Eduardo Clemente’s ‘Camel’ – a dromedary or bactrian (who knows the difference?) Continue reading

685: (135/365) Bug

Old-school origami can still be fun, and this model is no exception:

Eduardo Clemente’s book “Papiroflexia” contains a plethora of old-style 60’s origami, before the boxpleating, tree-maker days. Continue reading

628: (78/365) Little Plane

Another paper plane – this one a lot like a single propeller Cesna:

An interesting fold, thankfully executed with thin paper (a sheet of purple hand-made washi from Daiso) Continue reading

626: (76/365) Little Snail

Spirals have most recently been explored by Tomoko Fuse, but lovely spiral shail shells have existed in traditional origami for a long while before that:

This is Eduardo Clemente’s snail, well, one of them. As a bi-colour model it cleverly manages the 2 colours ensuring the soft slippy bit of the snail is one colour and the rounded spiral of the shell is the reverse. Continue reading

625: (75/365) Mariposa

I must admit to liking folding insects in Origami – something about the extreme paper wrangling necessary to separate out features from the sheet is a great challenge:

This is Eduardo Clemente’s “Mariposa” or Butterfly. An interesting fold indeed. Continue reading

624: (74/365) Babe

It is rare that with relatively few folds the essence of a 4 legged beastie is so well captured:

This is a continuation of the exploration of Eduardo Clemente’s work, his simple pig, charming little critter it is. Continue reading