622: (72/365) Nesting

Sometimes tending the nest is more important than what is happening elsewhere:

This is Edwardo Clemente’s “Mother Bird” (I think that is what it is called, it is all in Spanish) and is a charming little bi-colour model that manages to tease a lovely flappy mother twitter bird, a pair of hungry chicks and a colour contrasted nest from a single sheet.

I am impressed with this fold – deceptively simple, there are lots of steps, many poorly illustrated so folding this you need to keep your wits about you (difficult at the moment because I am diseased) and look ahead to see what becomes what else you trap layers and turn things the wrong way.

I am enjoying the challenge of “Papiroflexia” – I am not saying the diagrams are great as I have found many inconsistencies and many instances of “magic” being used to sort out an otherwise tangled set of layers, but the designs are fresh and clever and doable with patience.

More to come I think although I will try to avoid this glossy low-quality paper as the colour comes off onto your fingers as you fold it.

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