411: Phizz-based Stellated Icosahedron

The “phizz” unit designed by Tom Hull is a basic building block that can be used for many modulars:

I thought I would start manageable, so devised a 30 unit ball, 6 faces each of 5 colours – total of 30 units. These are easy folding and have a positive locking mechanism so were a good choice.

The tricksey part was to ensure an even colour balance – making sure that no face has the same colour twice. that did my head in a little, and it seemd to take me ages to come up with a construction method where I could easily predict what colour next to use.

In the end, a lovely modular – I may try for something grander, we shall see.

December, Done and Dusted

December done and WOW, what a huge month this has been. Because this month corresponded with my holidays, I sunk some extra time into some amazing (and a little dizzying if I am honest) models.

This table full of bent paper represents a quantum leap in my skill set – most of these models I could NOT have done at the beginning of the challenge.

I have learnt a lot about myself over the past 12 months, and spent inordinate amounts of time enthusiastically bending paper – even when there were many things much more important to do.

Some of these models will soon have new homes, some not – you get that. I thank most sincerely those that have encouraged me along the way – sometimes that was the difference between giving up and keeping going.

I am proud to say that I did not miss a day, had a total of only 9 model fails (in 365, that is an amazing hit rate) and now have an arsenal of paper bending skills that I can use moving forward … to whatever – yeah, cannot imagine what yet but I am sure something will turn up.

I hope you have enjoyed the ride. It will not end here – I will keep folding, but do not expect one a day, or necessarily one a week – I will just let it happen and we shall see. This blog will remain, I will keep adding to it, but might change the name – suggestions that encapsulate paper ephemerata would be appreciated.

November, Done and Dusted.

November has been another HUUUUUGE month, and I have not taken the easy road – some of this month’s models have been down right snarly and challenging, taking way more time than I had, really.

ONE MONTH TO GO. I am excited, hope you are too, there is a great ride ahead and the start of the paper auctions to begin raising money for Red Cross and Medicine Sans Frontiers.

October, Done and Dusted

What a massive month October has been:

During this month I explored the works of Neal Elias, paid tribute to Eric Joisel and much more. Lots of lovely things and a terrifying amount of time expended creating them.

Two months to go until the one-a-day pressure lets up.

September, Done and Dusted

September was a busy month, they all have been. Looking back at the models achieved this month I am amazed:

Amazed that I was able to do some of them, that I somehow found the time to complete them and amazed I am still just as determined to complete this challenge as I was when I started.

3 months to go means I have completed 3/4 of the journey so far … roll on January.

August, Done and Dusted

Another huge month, some super snarly models and good riddance to winter:
I am finding it easier to select models based on a cursory glance at their diagrams but shudder to think of the time used here when I am sure I should be doing something else – there are worse habits I suppose.

July, Done and Dusted

Huge month, so much happening and some awesome folds contained within:

“simpler” models are now nearly all used up (unless you can suggest some interesting ones), got the ball-breakers left so some interesting and time-consuming models ahead I guess.

Who would have thought I would actually make 7 months of this insane project … that leaves only … 5 *sigh* more to do…

June, Done and Dusted

Now where did that half of a year go – I cannot believe we are at the end of June already – it is fascinating how you notice the passing when you are tasked with something every day:

Some amazing models again this month, and now I am almost on the downhill stretch I am looking for interesting models to fold – i have no shortage of candidates but am trying to avoid simple things or familiar ones – for the most part i have folded stuff so far that I had not folded before – all good experience.

I am a little concerned that my storage box may not be big enough – 6 months of models almost fill it:

May, Done and Dusted

So ends another month – May was a big one with a few seriously cool models in it (well, I think they are cool anyway), and I think I will add some of them to the Library Display just to freshen it up a little

In May I challenged the paper beyond what it was ever capable of doing – Schneider the spider was testament to paper fatigue, invented a bunch of designs (you see my skill level is going up so I see folded solutions to problems) and am happy with my progress to date.

What scares me a little, if I let myself think about it, is that I am not even half-way yet. Tying the fold into something that is happening to me and my family and friends seems to make the mad panic of “what am I going to fold today” a little less panicky … onward and upwards tho, hey.

Hope you are enjoying the ride, say “hi” to your mum for me.

April, Done and Dusted


Looking at this collection of models, I get a little wobbly to be honest. Laying them out on the floor to photograph them I realised how much time I am sinking in to this project – not sure if that is sustainable. Maybe more “rock” origami is required 😛

There were some seriously snarly models this month, many personal milestones, it has been an interesting ride so far – hope my patience, abilities and selection of as yet un-tried models lasts the distance. I gotta do some simpler ones I think, too many Joisel’s or Lang’s in a month is a recipe for fatal paper cuts.

Hope you, the blog reader, are also enjoying the journey.

Storage and Display

The most common question I get asked (apart from how do I find the time to do this in the first place – try not to think about that one too much) is what do I do with the models when I have made them:

Monthly storage in a shoebox on top of our china cabinet (no, not the most elegant of things, but practical until something else comes along). I like to display a couple of days back, particularly if there are some nice models amongst the month.

After a monthly picture is taken, the month’s folds are then archived in a plastic box (must look to source some silica gel sachets to keep them dry – humidity causes some to unfold). It looks like the archive box is about the right size – it is nearly 1/3 full and I am nearly 1/3 of the way through this adventure.

The aim will be to get these all out again and photograph them together in a 365 image.

… well, you did ask.

March Done and Dusted

Wow, this month seems to have gone on forever:Looking back there have been sone awesome models in the month of March (which sadly raises the bar for subsequent months I guess) – hedgehog, jack-in-the-box and more.

Models put away in the archive box, a new month begins…

February, Done and Dusted

Month 2 done and dusted – looking back some notable models, lots of complicated ones too (hope I have not peaked too early):

Quite happy with progress so far, but with 306 still to do there is no time to relax just yet.

January, Done and Dusted

Wow, January is over and here am I with 31 models down, on the road to 365 all up … hope I have the stamina: When you see them all together they are … amazing – some tricksey stuff there that is throwing down the gauntlet to me for the coming months.

I will try to remember to do a monthly post with a summary – not sure I have the oomph to do it cumulative – will pack these away in a shoebox for now and start tomorrow afresh.