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Postcard From Paris.

They say a change is as good as a holiday. They lied. Our 6 weeks away has seen us explore cultures and food from many different countries, seen sights that simply do not exist in suburban Brisbane, met people from many walks of life, gained a little more international perspective and I think that merely … Continue reading »

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Another Perfect Day in France – a bicycle, a baguette, a bottle and a garden

We both had a passing interest in Monet and his art, Jo had done some research and found a bicycle tour run by a company we had used when last in Paris to skip the queue on the Eiffel Tower and so we decided to book the day out with them. It was no forgone … Continue reading »

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Bonjour Paris – Champs, Metro, Musee et des Macarons

Returning to Paris after 3 years away has been a really interesting experience. I mentioned in the Lyon posts previously how comfortable we feel in France generally, but returning to the familiar Canal area of Paris has been wonderful. We were determined to try and get our previous apartment – such a funky mix of … Continue reading »

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France to Bath, Transit

A day late but it we a huge day, let me explain. We got up early to finish packing then drag them to the Eurostar terminal at Gard Nord. All according to plan, we cleared customs and were on the train back to the UK in no time. We arrived at St Pancras then dragged … Continue reading »

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Rest day, let’s do lunch.

We have, quite wisely it has turned out, planned rest days where there is very little agenda. This is a great idea because we have exhausted ourselves completely in Paris, but in doing so we have seen so much and I hope got a real feel for the place. Today was our rest day, we … Continue reading »

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Shopping and a near lethal afternoon tea

After ignoring the alarm, we awoke, showered and dressed and headed down to a local cafe, Chez Prune, for coffee au lait/tea and a croissant while the Saturday morning world went by. We relaxed, read, iPadd’d and generally felt Parisienne as we navigated clumsily the menu and the bill, much to the amusement of the … Continue reading »

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Versailles et Le Tour Eiffel

After a welcome sleep, my morning walk to the boulangerie yielded a pair of escargot and a lovely sugar crusted brioche and a baguette. After a brief but yummy breakfast, we packed a chunk of Brie, some fruit and bread then set off to navigate the Metro and change services to get us to Versailles. … Continue reading »

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What A Champ

We awoke, bleary and tired and I left the apartment on a brioche mission, returning with one fresh from an artisan Boulanger’s oven. Cut into slices, I made French Toast which we consumed with a dollop of strawberry conserve – a brilliant start to the day. Leaving a little later, we took theMetro to l’arc … Continue reading »

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Feet? No, more like miles!

This post is a day late because, well, I was just too tired to post on the actual day, sorry devoted readers. I also think I may have insufficient superlatives to adequately describe yesterday, but will give it my best. I hope I ALWAYS remember yesterday, so many amazing, beautiful testaments to human endeavor that … Continue reading »

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Sacre Coeur and going in-Seine

After a little bit of a sleep in we walked briskly (it was freezing) to our local boulangerie (Du Pain et des Idees) and bought breakfast – 2 types of escargot, rum & raisin and pistachio & chocolate, and a section of a crusty loaf for lunch We then headed to the local undercover markets … Continue reading »

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