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Don’t Drink the Water

Posted by on April 15, 2012

After a week in London it is reasonable that I comment on matters wet.

Firstly tap water comes out cold, like really cold. Fair enough, we have been putting things into the fridge to warm them up anyways. It is refreshing and perfectly ok to drink – my delicate tummy coped so anyone else would be fine.

It is hard, like really limey and defies most detergents and soaps. I like a good lather and both types of soap we acquired do not do that in the shower. Shampoo and dish washing liquid do their jobs ok but all leave deposits on the sink. I made the mistake of washing my glasses and they ended up cloudy – annoying.

It rains, we have experienced 17 individual types and all of them are annoying. You can get all seasons in an afternoon and assuming you will not need rainwear on an outing at this time of year is an invitation to get drenched. The locals seem unfazed by it all but we have taken to carrying a waterproof layer and rarely needed it.

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