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Posted by on March 11, 2012

…tap tap tap, is this thing on?
Jo at The Channon Markets This is a test image from my drop box – please wait while it arrives

20120311-131547.jpg This image is one uploaded from camera roll as part of iPad app.

Ths stuff above seems a jumble, sorry, but I am working through a regime for adding photos to a post whilst on the move is interesting.

I have found I can use the app in the ourPAD and it is fine-ish, it has access to the iPADs photo library so can UPLOAD that photo into the wordpress install (albeit you have to choose before or after text to do it – the app presumes you only want to add ONE picture per posting, I will most certainly want to do more, so more exploring needed it seems) – can cut-paste (via ourPAD’s odd metaphor) the image’s tags around so it should be fine.

The WEB interface (in safari), on the other hand, used on the same iPAD cannot see any of the photos (as they are in the bucket of data associated with the photo app and so do not appear as “files” to the browser) … all fairly frustrating but workable I guess. I wonder HOW other iPAD users get around this seeming sillyness?

This is “better” than having to keep a folder active in dropbox, I would much rather the photos for the blog be saved with the blog, if that makes sense. We live and learn. One of the jobs of the ourPAD is as a photo-sorter, so we will have the pics for a blog posting on here at one time or other so it makes sense to upload them at that time – we shall see how that works.

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