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Posted by on April 13, 2013

Both Jo and I are avid tea drinkers – we love the stuff. In our journeys so far we have encountered situations where making tea in a place has been terrific, ok, terrible and “abandon all ye hope”.

We travel with tea (most often Earl grey ), sugar (raw sugar mostly, although through Europe we took a liking to Demerara) and usually have skinny milk, so the raw ingredients are the same – well, except for the water I suppose – this introduces the “anti-tea” factor.

Some water makes awful tea – them’s the facts. The water at Uluru for example was plain evil – I remember when last there it had a light briny tang but these days it goes through desalination and other processes that render it almost water-less water when making tea. Some kettles are so mineralised that adding nice water renders it yuk by the time it boils.

We are hoping that far-north water makes better tea – rain water is great and up here, there is lots of rain so hopefully we should be close to conquering anti-tea for a while. Jo likes tea, I NEED it so we are searching for ways to achieve it on the go – we will keep you posted.

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