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We’re not in Kansas anymore Jojo

Posted by on April 10, 2012

Posted a day late – forgive me avid readers (lol) but I was too tired to think yesterday, sorry.
I am not sure what I was expecting when landing in Heathrow, London but I am sure that was not it. I guess the airport is old but seemed disjointed and grubby, no distinct style – I thought they might tart it up for the Olympics but I guess that is a work in progress.

With bags in tow, we stood in a queue to purchase Oyster cards for the tubes, then boarded the Picadilly line (that terminates in Cockfosters – yes, 12 year olds everywhere still giggle when the posh lady on the train tannoy kept saying it). In cold drizzle we dragged our bags from tube station to Castletown House in West Kensington, our London home base. After a short settling in, we trudged around the block to a Tesco Express for some grocery supplies, then back to collapse and have a nap.

We awoke, bleary at about 8pm local time, cooked a light dinner, pottered around settling in, activating our local SIM card and distributed our OS mobile phone number to family, checked wifi, checked in, watched a little telly and did a little social media until about 10 then retired for an odd night sleep. I am assuming we will just settle in and ignore our body clocks eventually.

All in all, door to door, it was a harrowing 30 hours and now it is over we are working on getting used to local time and climate so we can explore and experience the wonder that is London.

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