1058: Twister A

Clocking on for another round of procrastigami, I decided to give the first of the “twister” series a go:

Twister A by Ilan Garibi - 2x2 molecules
Twister A – 2×2 molecules

This is “Twister A”, designed by Ilan Garibi, a lovely dimensional fold with a final twist to finish it off.

I have folded a few square twists, this one perches a twist on top of the intersection of opposing ridges, contains remarkably few folds on top of the base square grid.

Twister A by Ilan Garibi - molecule
Twister A Single Molecule

The basic molecule tiles awkwardly – because of the directionality (it forms in a clockwise direction) of the molecule, you have to reverse adjacent molecules if you want them to line up.

Twister A by Ilan Garibi - 2x2 molecules
Twister A – 2×2 molecules

You can tile them, twisting the same direction, but you have to offset them so they are not lining up – I think this looks less tidy, so decided not to fold this, opting for the reverse solution.

Twister A by Ilan Garibi - 2x2 molecules

The actual twist on a single molecule is relatively manageable if you flatten one of the ridges – it sort of then all happens at once. Lots on the same sheet is problematic – the ones accessible around the edge follow the same conventions as a single molecule. Internal molecules are much harder to twist – I can imagine how untidy it would be on a large sheet.

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