1057: In ‘da ‘Hood

Exploring Ilan Garibi’s lovely book “Origami Tessellations for Everybody”, the next “family” of folds starts off with “Childhood” and then evolves into more of the same:

childhood evolved
Childhood-Evolved (4×4 molecules)

This is almost a corrugation, as there are nearly no layers overlaying others – the surface treatment is deliciously dimensional, and the distortions are caused by paper tension and torsion of the underlying square-twists.

Childhood Molecule
“Childhood” molecule

I started with standard cotton-based photocopy paper (which for me is a LOT like thin Elephant Hide) and laid in a square grid. Both childhood and childhood-evolved use off divisions. I folded a regular division (halves or thirds), then halved until I was close to the required grid sizes, then sliced off unneeded units before laying in the wedge-shaped mountain creases.

Childhood - 4x4 molecules
Childhood – 4×4 molecules

I ignored the collapse suggestions (well, in truth I used common sense and it sorted itself out) and worked from the outside edges in – the inner chevrons sort of just happened, and the resultant collapses were “rounded” by paper tension.

Childhood-Evolved 4x4 molecules
Childhood-Evolved 4×4 molecules

This tessellation is really fiddly – I scored the wedges using a stylus and metal ruler before folding them – at small scale accuracy is really important for the success of the collapse.

This tessellation is related to further members of this family – I must try more.

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