1067: Watermelon Colours

So to avoid doing the growing list of things I should be doing, I decided on some procrastigami:

Xander Perrott's Laveau

One of the many “I must fold these” models from Xander Perrott’s forthcoming books, this is “Laveau”, a lovely 30 unit spikey flower ball that makes good use of duo paper.

Each unit, based on a 1:root(3) rectangle, folded from Tuttle Vibrant duo, I chose limey/crimson paper and began folding – I always love the almost meditative state you enter when unit folding on a production line – much the same as gridding before box pleating and tessellations.

Xander Perrott's Laveau in development

The ball has a fairly positive 2-flap/pocket combination locking mechanism, and the elegant sworls of 5 petals help each other to stay put. I did add the tiniest spots of glue in under seams just so the kusudama survives a drop (out cleaner has been horrified when she has accidentally nudged some of my modulars and they popped as they landed on the timber floors.

Xander Perrott's Laveau scale

I like the sequence, the result is a delight. You should buy Xander’s books, there is a treasure trove of to be found therein.

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