1066: Star Virus

As part of the privilege of test-folding models for a forthcoming book, I also had access to brilliant new designs. I decided I must fold one of these for myself:

Xander Perrott's "Star Virus"

This is “Star Virus”, a relative of “Space Virus” that I had already folded (from his previous book) waaaaay back in 2020 at the beginning of the global pandemic.

The form of this kusudama is glorious – star-shaped protuberances from a glorious faceted sphere – reminiscent of the most popular visualisation of the Covid 19 virus, I decided to fold it in royal purple and yellow because Covid is mutating all the time, and this I see as a mutation of the original in every way.

Xander Perrott's "Star Virus" view

They say “if at first you don’t succeed, mutate and try again” seems to be the pandemic trajectory – this model has modules that are refined, positively lock and the whole spikey ball was such fun to fold.

Xander Perrott's "Star Virus" development

Construction started off simple but got progressively more complex – modules lock with all of it’s near neighbors, insinuating layers, flaps and intertwined pockets.

Xander Perrott's "Star Virus" scale

I love this, another Xander Perrott spikey ball masterpiece, and adds to my collection of same a rich and lovely new member. I bought a 500 pack of Tuttle duo paper, and this is the second Perrott kusudama folded using it – more to come certainly.

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